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Last modified: November 15, 2018
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  1. Unzip the archive containing the RoboSet application.
  2. In the resulted folder, you’ll find a folder named “latest”. Upload the contents of that folder on your web hosting account, in the document root, that is, /home/username/public_html most likely.
    Please note that if you already have another web app installed in your document root(i.e: wordpress), it is better to create a new folder inside the document root, say roboset ( /home/username/public_html/roboset/) and put the files there.
  3. Point your browser to the install  directory, i.e:
  4. After installing, make sure you remove the install folder from your host ( the folder that is called install ).
  5. Visit to get started
  6. Read the Get Started steps.
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